A conference room need not be a large room with just a conference table at the center and a few chairs around. There are many conference room layouts which can give different looks to the conference rooms. Each one is meant for different purposes and interactions with audience. Here are few such conference room layouts.

  1. Theatre or Auditorium Style
  • This is a conference room where the chairs are arranged in a theatre fashion before the speaker.
  • The arrangement can either be in a straight fashion or in a curved semi-circular fashion.
  • You can enhance the interiors of such conference rooms by arranging leather chairs with an aisle at the center.
  • This layout is suitable for the meetings and conferences that are less than two hours long.
conference room style
conference room style


  1. Classroom Style
  • Classroom styled conference room is a set up that requires most number of chairs and desks for the audience.
  • The conference furniture is arranged as those in a classroom.
  • Since you need more number of chairs, you can rent them when required.
  • For a classroom style conference room, you need to make sure that the chairs are comfortable enough to sit for long hours.
conference room style
conference room style


  1. Banquet Style
  • This is a conference room layout where there are many small tables arranged all over the room just as in the banquets.
  • Around these tables are placed small chairs; and a table can seat around five to eight persons.
  • They are usually meant for small business discussions over meals.
conference room
conference room
  1. Hollow Rectangle Style
  • They are conference room styles that consist of a conference table with a hollow space at the center.
  • The chairs for the guests are arranged around the table.
  • The tables for this layout is usually large and with capacity of occupying about twenty people.
  • This is also meant for interactions with every member of a team and holding a few informal meetings.
Conference Center
Conference Center


  1. U-Shaped Style
  • This set up includes huge conference tables in the shape of the letter ‘U’.
  • The chairs are placed along the table and can seat up to more than fifteen people.
  • They are usually required for formal meetings and it requires a separate table and chair for the speaker.
  • They are best for conference rooms of larger areas.
conference room style
conference room style

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